Benefits of Online Daily Deposit Scheme with Mobikwik Xtra

Creating a disciplined saving routine is essential for building a secure financial future. It is recommended to save a small amount from your daily wages or salary. For those who have not previously saved, the Daily Deposit Scheme is a great option for daily wage earners and individuals new to basic saving schemes.

The introduction of Jio by Reliance in India has resulted in a surge in internet users, leading to increased demand for convenient services among smartphone users. If you have a financial objective and are willing to invest money on a daily basis, we can assist you in starting the Daily Deposit Scheme Online through a step-by-step process.

With hectic schedules and busy lives, many individuals have difficulty saving money regularly. Luckily, online daily deposit schemes like Mobikwik Xtra provide a practical solution to this challenge. In this article I have discussed about the features and advantages of Mobikwik Xtra.

What is Daily Deposit Scheme Online

A online daily deposit scheme is a savings plan that allows individuals to deposit small amounts of money on a daily basis through digital platforms. Unlike traditional savings accounts, which require in-person visits to a bank branch, online daily deposit schemes offer the convenience of making deposits anytime, anywhere, using internet-enabled smartphones. Mobikwik Xtra is one such platform that provides users with the flexibility to save money daily through its intuitive mobile app.

What is Mobikwik Xtra and how does it work?

Mobikwik is a digital platform that offers various financial services, including the Mobikwik Xtra equivalent to the Daily Deposit Scheme. This innovative scheme allows users to deposit a small amount of money daily, promoting a disciplined savings habit and enabling them to build a financial cushion over time.

The platform is designed with flexibility and control in mind, allowing users to choose their deposit amounts and frequency according to their financial goals and preferences.

Mobikwik Xtra’s Daily Deposit Scheme offers attractive returns, enabling users to grow their savings steadily. Mobikwik Xtra’s convenience and accessibility allow users to manage their savings from the comfort of their homes or on the go, making it an ideal solution for individuals seeking a seamless and user-friendly digital finance experience.

Features and Benefits of Mobikwik Xtra:

Accessibility: One of the primary benefits of Mobikwik Xtra is its accessibility. The mobile app allows users to access their daily deposit accounts anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for individuals with busy schedules or those living in remote areas.

Convenience: With Mobikwik Xtra, users can make daily deposits conveniently through their smartphones. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up automatic deposits, track savings progress, and manage accounts on the go.

Flexibility: Mobikwik Xtra offers users flexibility in deposit amounts, allowing them to choose the amount they wish to save daily.

Competitive Interest Rates: Mobikwik Xtra offers competitive interest rates up to 13% per year on daily deposits, allowing users to earn returns on their savings over time.

Withdrawal Flexibility: While Mobikwik Xtra encourages regular savings, it also offers flexibility in terms of withdrawals. Users can withdraw their savings any time.

How to Get Started with Mobikwik Xtra

Getting started with Mobikwik Xtra is simple and straightforward. you can download the Mobikwik app from the Google Play Store and sign up for a new account. Once registered, you can navigate to the ‘Mobikwik Xtra’ section within the app and explore the daily deposit scheme options available. From there, you can choose your desired deposit amount, set up automatic deposits, and start saving daily towards your financial goals.

Tips for Maximizing Savings with Mobikwik Xtra

Set Realistic Goals: Before starting a daily deposit scheme with Mobikwik Xtra, take some time to assess your financial goals and objectives. Whether it’s saving for a short-term expense or a long-term investment, setting realistic goals will help you stay focused and motivated.

Automate Deposits: Take advantage of Mobikwik Xtra’s automatic deposit feature to streamline your savings process. By setting up recurring deposits, you can ensure consistent contributions to your daily deposit account without having to manually transfer funds each day.

Monitor Progress Regularly: Keep track of your savings progress by monitoring your Mobikwik Xtra account regularly. Review your deposits, interest earned, and overall savings growth to stay informed and motivated.

Stay Disciplined: Finally, stay disciplined and committed to your savings goals. Avoid unnecessary withdrawals and focus on building a strong financial foundation for the future.


    Online Daily deposit schemes, such as Mobikwik Xtra, offer a convenient and flexible way for individuals to save money and achieve their financial goals. With features like accessibility, convenience, flexibility, competitive interest rates, and goal-oriented savings, Mobikwik Xtra empowers users to take control of their finances and build a brighter future. By following the tips outlined in this guide and making use of the resources available, users can maximize their savings potential and enjoy the benefits of financial security and stability.

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