TDS on Commission and Brokerage

TDS on Commission and Brokerage

If you earn commission or brokerage income, it’s important to understand how Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) works. TDS is a system in which tax is deducted at the source of income, meaning the person paying the income is responsible for deducting a percentage of the tax before making the payment to the recipient. In this article, we’ll discuss TDS on commission and brokerage income.

What is Commission and Brokerage Income?

Commission and brokerage income refers to the money earned by individuals or businesses for providing services related to buying or selling of goods, securities, or other assets. For example, a real estate agent earns a commission for selling a property, while a stockbroker earns brokerage for buying or selling stocks.

TDS on Commission and Brokerage Income

As per the Income Tax Act, if the commission or brokerage paid exceeds Rs. 15,000 in a financial year, the payer is required to deduct TDS at the rate of 5% on the amount paid. However, if the recipient has provided their PAN number, the TDS rate is reduced to 1%.

It’s important to note that TDS is only applicable if the commission or brokerage paid exceeds the threshold limit of Rs. 15,000. If the total amount paid during the year is below this limit, there is no requirement for TDS deduction.

How to Calculate TDS on Commission and Brokerage Income

To calculate the TDS amount, the payer must first determine the gross commission or brokerage paid during the financial year. From this amount, any expenses incurred by the recipient for earning the income can be deducted, such as rent, travel expenses, and other business-related expenses. The resulting amount is known as the net commission or brokerage.

The TDS amount is then calculated based on the net commission or brokerage amount, and the applicable TDS rate (5% or 1% if PAN is provided).

Filing TDS Returns

Once TDS is deducted, the payer is required to file a TDS return with the Income Tax Department. The return must include details of the amount paid, the TDS deducted, and the recipient’s PAN number. The recipient can then claim credit for the TDS deducted while filing their income tax return.


TDS on commission and brokerage income is an important aspect of tax compliance for both the payer and the recipient. By understanding the TDS provisions and ensuring proper documentation, both parties can avoid any potential tax issues and penalties.

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